Aloha, and welcome to Mandala Living Foods. We are a raw organic plant based nutrition company that's goal is to provide high quality healing food to humanity.

Here at Mandala Living Foods, it is one of our foundational goals to play our role in feeding humanity in the true nature of our species. Tribe. In a tribe, no one goes unfed. Resources are shared. Prosperity is shared. It is an intense time int he world collectively right now, as the very system we have been so dependent upon is broken and it is time for great change. The fact that there is so much wealth and prosperity in the world, and yet people go hungry every day is a reflection of how far we've strayed from our true nature, from tribe. The Prosperity bowl is our seva, our mindful service, to assist in bringing us back to our roots by offering this free bowl of high quality organic plant based nutrition to anyone in need, any day of the week: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you are hungry, you know there's somewhere you can go get high quality plant-based nutrition. We call it the Prosperity Bowl because it is not a charity. It's not just us that's responsible for this bold mission statement from our company. We are taking a giant step towards the great imbalance between the divide of prosperity in our current tribe of America as it is divided between the 2% or the 98%. How can we even begin to take this on?


a tribe Eats Together...

Every plate achieves that elusive, cuisine-defining balance of sweet, salty, and sour — even dessert.


We at Mandala want to do something about bringing the tribal spirit back to our relationship with food as a sacred practice. On our island and abroad. Mandala Living Foods is the first of a leading wave of food culture called a, Food Bizarre. It's where many of the latest chefs are creating platforms to share their culinary artistry without the weight and multitude of complications and challenges of opening a brick and mortar restaurant. We're not really a food truck, but we're not a restaurant via our lack of commercial property. Mandala Living Foods will be the first of these hybrid food establishments on Kauai, but so much more. Not just here on Kauai, on the neighbouring islands, and with your support a chain of restaurants to open on the mainland over the next two years.  Let US be the change we want to see in this world!



In anticipation of the release of the book and the need for an educational infrastructure to teach the technology of plant-based nutrition to the masses, we created our web site: to act as a ‘cyber tree‘ so to speak connecting our tribe on a global level through the worldwide web. Here you can purchase food, the recipes, and even better step by step instructional videos that guide you through the process of learning how to make raw food! It is time to give the knowledge back to the people.



our Kitchen is our temple...




Mandala Living Foods is not only a livings foods company, but a family...a tribe, and one of the key foundations of a tribe is community. The branches of our family tree continue to grow and expand our community, connecting local farmers, vendors, practitioners-but most importantly, connecting people through the art of food. Now with Chef Micah’s first living foods uncook book in process to be published after the launch of the first Mandala Living Foods opens in Kapaa late September, the tree grows even bigger reaching across the nation, and eventually the world. 



Chef Micah Skye has several product lines that are produced through our kitchen. The Cloud is one of his most exciting lines that will be exclusively served at Mandala outside of being carried in stores on the islands, Erewhon, and other stores across the US.



Starseed is the co-creation of Shona and Micah Skye, born out of the creation of their son Isvara, as they are always making fresh baby food for him every day with such a magical variety of exotic superfoods her on Kauai like Taro, Soursop, and 'Ulu' or breadfruit. They felt inspired to create organic high quality baby food for conscious parents on the go.